Our work is legacy-driven because Vancouver should feel like home.

For generations.

What does it mean to be a legacy-driven development company in Vancouver? For us, it means doing more than just building desirable homes. It means creating communities. In a city where nature, culture, and the economy drive world-class livability, there’s no reason why a legacy of community-focused development can’t take root. That’s why beauty, comfort, and quality are only the starting points for our small to mid-sized multi-family developments.  We have our eyes trained on the horizon, where we can see future generations feeling happily at home in Vancouver.

The home-owners, specialty contractors, and investors, who are part of our story all play a role in securing this legacy of community. Our home-owners want to invest in proud, secure, and supportive communities where their children will be able to grow up with a strong sense of home. Our specialty contractors are local, and believe strongly in our intentional, quality-focused process. Our investors share our vision of quality and imaginative developments that last, providing desirable homes for generations.  At every stage of the journey, we are taking a long-term view that accounts for the social, environmental, and fiscal health of the city we love. We are committed to delivering projects that take the best interests of people and the planet to heart.

It's our mission to build the best multi-family communities; providing quality and imaginative homes that last.

Our Story

There’s something about raising children that makes you think more deeply and dream more freely about the community you live in. What kind of a place do you want it to be today—and tomorrow, when your kids start building lives of their own? For Graham Carter, Trevor St Germain, and Patrick Uy, bringing up families in Vancouver was the inspiration for pooling their considerable professional experiences into what became Vertex. In fact, raising children is the reason they teamed up in the first place—Graham and Patrick met because their kids were in the same class.

The idea of creating a legacy-focused development company—one that builds beautiful, livable communities for generations—would be daunting for most. But fortunately, the Vertex founders already had a stellar entrepreneurial track record.

Graham and Trevor are the founders of Maven Consulting, 2017’s 32nd fastest growing Canadian company. Their background in large-scale engineering projects for power companies, often with a sustainability focus, positions them to expertly manage the complexities of real estate development. Patrick’s extensive background in property development finance rounds out the team, helping Vertex realize its vision of creating communities of quality and imaginative homes that last.

The three Vertex founders know that what they create today will be their legacy tomorrow. When their kids talk about what they are going to rename the company when they grow up and take it over, Graham, Trevor, and Patrick laugh. But they also feel excited for the possibilities.

Our Team

Patrick Uy

Finance Lead

Patrick UY, CPA, CA, is Vertex’s Financial Lead. With senior and managerial experience at companies such as PwC, EY, and KPMG, as well as a stint as Corporate Tax Director at Amacon, his finance and real estate credentials are impeccable.

Graham Carter

Development Lead

Graham Carter is Vertex’s Development and Investor Lead. Named one of 2018’s Top 40 Under 40, with 18 years of engineering and project structuring experience under his company Maven Consulting, he has a rare capability to manage complexity while delivering spectacular results.

Trevor St Germain

Project Delivery Lead

Trevor St Germain, P.Eng, PMP, is Vertex’s Project Delivery Lead and Co-Founder of Maven Consulting, one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. With his 18 years of engineering and project delivery experience, he has a keen client focus and effective balance of creativity and practicality.